It’s Like a Rainbow

Recently I’ve been obsessing about Pantone Color Swatches. I’ve been noticing them everywhere. Here are some of my top picks. I also spotted this poster by Simon Wald-Lasowski that made me smile.


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Cover in Motion

Yes here I am procrastinating again. I was watching short compilation of this year’s top magazine covers by Luke Hayman ( incase you didn’t know he is a Partner at Pentagram). You can watch it here I can’t embed it to my post because the video is protected. There is one thing that stroke my attention in particular – the moving cover for iPad. I see more and more people using Ipad and Kindle. It is opening the possibility of using motion on the magazine and book covers, but does it really bring anything into the informational value that they have? I think it would be amazing if cover could change based on who is looking at it and recognize what are potential buyers interests, so that it adjust it’s cover story.

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One Thing Leads to Another

Today will be a boring day. My bag was stolen a while a go and I lost ‘my everything’. I can’t wait for the day when we will be paying using our fingerprint  or something like that because right now my money is safe in a polish bank and there is no way I can access it. After about dozen of lovely conversations with woman in bank’s help line I found out that I need to come back home and go to my bank in person to get a new card. Such an easy procedure right? Who would dare to think that if u advertise account as one for people living abroad you would need to send them new card from time to time. I suppose I should be glad that i don’t live in New Zealand because getting this card would be the most expensive thing I ever did in my life… but yeah, so i sent my dad to bank and made him legible to get a card to my account in his name. I thought sorted – I’ll get it in like 2 days. I couldn’t be more wrong fedex lost my new card on the way about week and a half a go. Today is meant to be the day when it finally arrives and I’ll waist half of it waiting for my card. I’m so paranoid that I’ll miss delivery man that I don’t want to go to brush my teeth… Uff that was a long introduction/rant. Coming to the point I have some time to kill so I’ll blog. This will be tribute to layers. I just read an article about Gita Lenz and I literally fall in love with her photographs. They have such an incredible richness of plans. Composition seems to go deeper and deeper. The scenes that she captured are depicting simplicity of life which makes me nostalgic about the world I never experienced. I wish I could see the original prints. You can see some of her pictures here

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Working Class Hero!

You will be pleased to know that your Grand procrastinator decided to abandon her glamorous life of dependant and joined working class (well it is more fun than work but still counts). I’ll be updating website for Designer Breakfasts and ticking people off the list at the actual event. I’ll get to eat crispy bagels with peanut butter and listen to super interesting talks. Secretly I’m hoping to do a bit of networking too, but don’t want to get my hopes up. Speaking of breakfasts I wanted to show you nice piece of design by Always With Honour. I really like their style very clean and simple. They designed new icons for TED talks and that’s how I found out about them. There is loads of interesting work on their website so have a look for your self. 

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Everything Has Been Done…


As we all know one of our modules (“One-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named”) had been particularly difficult this year. We all spent hours sting in studio (or elsewhere) discussing what to do or rather what we shouldn’t do. It seemed like a massive waste of time but we never found it funny. Until the moment when lead by one of Polish magazines i ended up watching this video by Polish performance group called Azorro. Apart from the fact that this situation mirrors our pointless discussions it signalize the problems that all the creative professions are facing these days.

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Design Currency

Deadlines are getting closer and closer so my procrastination reached its peak. Here is a little treat for you. Lovely flick book inspired animation made to advertise Design Currency week in Vancouver.

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Branding Evil

So here it comes another amazingly interesting article by Steven Heller. He is one clever cookie and I’ll possibly marry him some day 😉 I find it fascinating and a bit scary that Nazis knew their stuff so well and that this manual reminds me so much of modern documents. Read and reflect it is an order!

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